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Check out our LXH selection.
Headgear and masks differentiated by their material, but which all retain the same DNA: the French sport-chic.

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Check out our Collection LXH x MONACO GP
In collaboration with the Monaco Grand Prix, our caps (limited editions) celebrate the 78th edition of one of the most prestigious motor races in the world. Add a touch of sportiness to your look and proudly wear the Monegasque line on the circuit or for other occasions. Caps officially licensed with the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix

Discover the collection “Provence”
Ultra fine linen designed to be the perfect companion for our summer. This material combines quality and lightness to have an unparalleled style.





« Feel sport, Be chic »

The one-of-a-kind LXH cap mixes street wear and luxury for the pleasure of all true enthusiasts. From the city to the great outdoors, in the street or in a nightclub, it goes where you go. Everywhere, everyday. A centerpiece of your wardrobe, worn with style in all circumstances. Because it’s all about the attitude.

The art  of cap making

To reach such a level of quality, it took time, a lot of “savoir faire” and an undeniable passion. LXH is always looking for perfection. From the perfect mold to the choice of the most beautiful materials, nothing is left to chance for the most perfect French cap, the one that suits us and that makes everyone unique.

LXH one on one with competitors 

Fully recognized for its quality and unmistakable style, the LXH cap seduces the enthusiast, the daring, the ambitious, the warrior, the pioneer, and free spirits…
LXH is a real state of mind. And we take this lifestyle with us to the most beautiful places in the world.


LXH is a real lifestyle that brings us all together.
Every day you permit the French touch to travel to the most beautiful places in the world.
And together we develop the brand and make the community grow, because you are our most beautiful models.

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