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Our story

The French cap, conquering the most beautiful places in the world.

A thirst for challenges

It all started in Singapore during my studies.

I was looking for a really nice cap, elegant, well made and as it turns out, it was quite complicated.

That’s when the idea of LXH came to life.

The French sport-chic cap of my dreams, I would create it myself.


As soon as I got back to France, I wanted to make this dream a reality. Antoine joined me a few months later and that’s when we started to develop.

A long-term effort to find the perfect mould, the right materials and make LXH a real brand, worthy of the biggest houses, blending luxury and streetwear.

— Lucas Tourrasse

We first tried to create a cap for ourselves. We had had enough of bad quality, basic caps. We wanted to create a nice accessory that could be worn both for sport and out on the town!
Now, with LXH, I think we’ve achieved that goal.

There’s no doubt in our minds and now, we want our caps to travel.

— Antoine Van Eecke

So many people have participated, participate or will participate in this adventure. We thank them all and we have a special thought for Margaux, Haykel, Jean-Baptiste, Athanor, John, Alexandre, Martin, Quentin, Heloïse … as well as our friends and family.

— Lucas and Antoine

Led by passion

Behind the scenes of LXH, hides a beautiful team of enthusiasts, who struggle each day to offer the finest headwear.

Getting into everything

Lucas T.

Founder and CEO

The creative one

Antoine V.

Artistic director

The serious one

Romain L.

Financial manager

The sociable one

Fred M.

Press relations & collaborations manager

The geek

Miguel B.

Social media manager

The working girl

Christel C.

Business developer, Business director

The socialite

Alexander M.

Events manager

The reinforcement

Valentine V. and Léa L.


The "men" in the field

Marc L.B., Gilles C., Pascal V., Stéphan P.

Our reason for being

Feel sport be chic

Caps on all fronts

LXH is above all the desire to make caps a luxury item of clothing.

A strong piece to hold your head high, in all circumstances.

Formerly left for sport and rather poorly looked upon in society, today caps are on all fronts.

On the street, on the catwalk, in restaurants, clubs, we see them everywhere. And we’re not complaining.

In search of a beautiful cap

Fans of caps, we searched for our ideal a long time in vain.

One that combines comfort, quality, aesthetics, streetwear and luxury.

But that’s the thing, anyone from small specialists to big fashion houses, nothing matched our expectations.

Create our cap, the one we dreamed about

The cap we dreamed of, we decided to create it ourselves.

A beautiful piece, well-made, which we could be proud of, a refined and elegant piece of clothing that can be worn with class regardless of the venue.

In a nutshell, a cap made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.


LXH above all a lifestyle that brings us together.
Every day you allow the French touch to travel in the most beautiful places in the world.
Every day you allow the French touch to travel in the most beautiful places in the world. And together we help the brand grow, because you are our most beautiful models.

Are you part of the team?

Nous livrons dans le monde entier. Livraison estimée 24-72h jours ouvrés en France métropolitaine.