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The berets



Our herringbone berets are made frome natural wool, carefully selected by LXH stylists for its quality and aesthetics. They assert our style and accompany us every day for a “dandy”, chic and vintage look.



Our Scottish fabric berets are made from premium fabrics. They transmit an unparalleled charisma and accompany us on a daily basis for a timeless Look.



Our felt berets are made from high quality felt, borrowed from the tradition of alpine shepherds. Light, warm and soft, they give us a vintage style that perfectly combines tradition and modernity.

The beret is the ultimate vintage cap. Vintage yes, but far from out of fashion. You should know that there are several kinds of berets. Basque berets, military berets, Irish berets that can be seen in the Peaky Blinders series, or even English berets with their small sewn-in visor, the choice is vast. Our berets are definitely inspired by several styles. However, these are mostly duckbill berets.

This form of beret perfectly hugs the top of the head and has a more rounded shape than its Irish cousins. Very similar to the English beret, the duckbill beret will go perfectly to thin and elongated faces, it will soften your profile while remaining discreet. We can also note that in addition to its discreet style, it immediately adds a casual note to your outfit. It’s the perfect combination of retro and sport. Our berets are made from different materials, each fabric, color or print allows you to express your style. While the quality of our LXH wool berets will keep you warm in winter, the plaid print of the fabric ones will add style to a more classic outfit.

Always carefully chosen by our LXH stylists for their quality and comfort, the materials that make up our berets provide an impeccable look. In addition to its detailed finishes, you can only fall under the spell of the clever mix of these sober materials and its original shape. Fully adjustable, thanks to our adjustable strap system, they will adapt to all head sizes. The beret is definitely the piece to add to your winter cap collection.

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