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In collaboration with the Monaco Grand Prix, our caps (limited editions) celebrate the 78th edition of one of the most prestigious motor races in the world. Add a touch of sportiness to your look and proudly wear the Monegasque line on the circuit or for other occasions. Caps officially licensed with the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix

« Champs-Élysées »

Our “Champs-Élysées” caps are made from double-layered natural cotton, carefully selected by LXH stylists for its quality and aesthetics. Comfortable and resistant, they bring us a sober and timeless elegance.


Our “Monte Carlo” caps are made of high quality suede chosen with care. Fabric just as noble as respectful of the animal cause to revamp all your outfits.

« Rhône »

Our “Rhône” caps are made from technical nylon. The latter gives a water repellent side allowing water to slide off the cap. A waterproof material that combines style with lightness.

« Provence »

Our “Provence” caps are made from ultra fine linen designed to be the perfect companion for our summer. This material combines quality and lightness to have an unparalleled style.


Our “LXH’ART – THE FRENCH TOUCH” caps are an original creation by LXH in collaboration with talented French artists Customized in our workshops in France, each of them is a unique piece that allows us to assert our character like no one else.


Our “Pampelonne” caps are made from double-layered natural cotton on the front side, and mesh material for the back net. The latter has been carefully selected by LXH stylists for its quality and lightness. Comfortable and with a breathable fabric, they bring us a sporty and timeless elegance.

« Champs-Élysées FULL »

Our Champs-Elysées Full caps are made from double-layered natural cotton, carefully selected by LXH stylists for its quality and aesthetics. Comfortable and resistant, they create a minimal and timeless elegance.

« Normandie »

Our “Normandie” caps are made from high quality lined cotton resistant to the many impacts of everyday life. The LXH stylists have chosen these different color aliases to achieve a sport-chic and timeless look.


Our “LXH LIMITED” caps are original LXH creations in a limited series.


Our LXH RACING caps are made from double-layer natural cotton, carefully selected by LXH stylists for its quality and aesthetics. The contrasting color of the visor’s slices give us a touch of sportiness. Comfortable and resistant they give us a sober and timeless elegance.

« Auvergne »

Our Auvergne caps are made of silk velvet, carefully selected by LXH stylists for the quality and beauty of its reflections. Soft and glistening it gives an elegant style with various aspects.

« Les Alpes »

Our “The Alps” caps are made of high quality felt, adapted following the tradition of alpine shepherds. Light, warm and fluffy, they give off a vintage style that perfectly combines tradition and modernity.

« Mont-Blanc »

Our “Mont Blanc” caps can be distinguished because they are made of double layered natural cotton and a unique inner fleece. Comfortable and resistant they’re both soft and warm for a stylish look, even in the middle of winter.


Our “LXH KIDS” caps are made from double-layer natural cotton for durability and comfort. The flexible snapback attachment system has been specially designed for children. The collection protects your children’s heads from the age of 18 months to 10 years. What a way to match grown-ups with their little ones !

« Les vignes »

Our Les Vignes caps are made from corduroy, carefully selected by LXH stylists for its quality and the fineness of its edges. Warm, solid and soft, they give us an elegant and original style.

Felt & Velvet: The best fabrics for a winter cap

At LXH, we take your comfort very seriously and the fabrics of our winter caps are carefully selected. Thanks to our many patterns and colors, it will give a relaxed and trendy look to all your outfits.
Felt, or wool felt, is an extremely warm and fluffy fabric. Traditionally, this was the fabric for making berets, which were originally worn by peasants who faced the early morning cold. Brought up to date, the felt is back in force and adapts more than ever to all styles. Our high quality felt winter caps give a vintage and authentic look.

Winter Leather Caps, the height of elegance

The warmer caps are often woolen, but they can also be leather or faux leather. When we say leather cap, we often think of the hats that aviators wear and that it is difficult to find traditional caps made of leather.
LXH did it and the result is truly sublime. The leather models give a more elegant and chic style while bringing a touch of originality. Thus, you can match your headdress to your classiest outfits in your wardrobe. Now you will have a warm cap for your VIP events.

Lined Cotton Caps, Keep Your Summer Look in Winter

Are you a fan of the traditional cotton baseball cap? Obviously, if this style fits you like a glove and you are not ready to take the plunge, know that it is entirely possible to wear a cotton cap during the winter.
Our luxury caps from the Mont Blanc collection have a lined cotton that is added to a fleece lining. This unique manufacturing technique makes them extremely resistant.

Whether you have full locks or a fresh monthly trim, you’ll need a good headgear to get through the winter. Just like a hat or beanie, a cap will protect you from breezes and cold winter days.
However, be aware that a simple cotton or nylon cap, however stylish it may be, will not keep you particularly warm. Your cotton cap will need to have a good lining or it will need to be made from a thick fabric. In addition to adding style and texture to your cap, you will have a good traveling companion for your winter outings.
Like the designer or even ready-to-wear collections, LXH offers 2 collections of luxury caps: Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter. It’s not just a variation of colors, but a change in material, texture and style.

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