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LXH Art ’Caps
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The art of traveling

Discover our selection ” LXH’ART – THE FRENCH TOUCH “.

Nowadays, fashion is all about breaking codes.
No longer fitting into boxes, it’s innovating, differentiating oneself.
It’s not just a question of making a luxury cap
with noble materials, it is about making it a work of art.

This is not a Cap, This is Art.


Our “LXH’ART – THE FRENCH TOUCH” caps are an original creation by LXH in collaboration with talented French artists
Customized in our workshops in France, each of them is a unique piece that allows us to assert our character like no one else.

Resistant to water

Timeless paint
100% Acrylic

Made in France

Customized in our workshops by LXH artists

Unique piece

All stains differ from one to another

Get a step ahead of fashion and trends by choosing to add original and stylish caps to your wardrobe. Indeed, despite the different textures and color choices, you want a different cap. A cap that stands out, that looks like you. It is true that nowadays the cap is a style of headgear that travels the world and never seems to lose its popularity. Whether you are a man or a woman, the decision is not to own one, but how you will style it.

Out of the ordinary and off the beaten track, LXH also shares these values. That’s why we created LXH Art ’. Our French artists assert their talent and character through original and unusual accessories. Touches of colored paints on a plain canvas that blend with everything, that’s the bet we have made. These bright and bold colors make a statement to the urban style as well as a tribute to freedom of expression.

The materials used for the creation of these caps are of high quality and will resist over time. Other than the natural wear and tear that we love so much, your new acquisition will not suffer from fading from sun or rain. Its condition and look will remain intact.

Each cap coming out of the LXH Art ’workshop is unique. It has its own Patterns and patterns. So, stand out by choosing a cap that you won’t find anywhere else.

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