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LXH Know-how

Caps, it’s an art

Longueur X Hauteur

Many mysteries hover over our name…

It’s time for clarifications.

LXH is the contraction of Length X Height, a symbol of the search for perfection that we put into this project.

The conception of caps is not easy and it took us several months and 8 different moulds to find the correct balance between length and height to design the perfect shape that we love so much.

La matière avant tout

The requirements and perfectionism that make LXH’s values strong start with the quality of the product and therefore the choice of materials.

Our selection process is driven by our quest for excellence.

We select the best materials, from the noblest to the most innovative, to create the most beautiful headgear.

No more poor quality caps. At LXH, they’re made of smooth or ribbed velvet, felt, suede, genuine inner fleece, all for our delight!

All these biases make LXH a modern brand, worthy of big fashion houses.

La finesse du détail

In addition to the quality of the materials sought, LXH headwear is distinguished by an extraordinary care given to details.

Precision to finishing touches, 3D embroidery, LXH logo embossed metal buckle, textile liners and stamped bands, anti-distortion membranes, nothing is left to chance !

We even thought of a nice red white and blue string storage bag for the lovely French cap that deserves thoughtful protection.

Des convictions sans concession

Our ethical commitments are important to us.

Nowadays, to us it seems essential to think about the respect of the environment and animals.

At LXH, the choice of materials is always made with regard to the causes that are dear to us.


Recyclable cardboard, no disposable plastic, reusable storage bags.

Animal cause

No leather, only faux leather, no suede replaced by suedette no fur, we opt for fleece